Colorado Colfax Marathon Miler 2008

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Distance 1.0 miles
Time 11:55.52
GPS Analysis MotionBased

Sydney has always hinted at wanting to run with me. From time to time, she even comes outside and goes through the motions. So when I told her, there was a kids race coming up she said she was ready to race! Well, there was the bit about what outfit she was going to wear. Mom took care of that one.

So we started training. 1 mile runs around the neighborhood. My goal was maximizing the excitement while minimizing the walking. We had good days and bad days. Last weekend, the neighbors are out on their deck drinking as Sydney and I are doing laps in the 90 degree heat. They are cheering her on and telling me that I am a slave driver. Well, yeah. Mom & Reagan even setup an aid station with water and sport beans. Then when we were done, they had a finish line as well. We are ready!

Today was the big day, we went down to the race and got her numbers. This is always a big deal for my race — what number will she get??? #1! (Just like everyone else.) I can’t wait for the day I get #1 in a race (for you non-racers this is usually reserved for the past race winner).

We lined up at the start line and waited for the start. We caught up with Miss Colorado Teen and took a picture. Sydney thought she was pretty but didn’t understand who she was…I said…she is like the princess of Colorado. Really? Whoa! That meant something.

Colorado Colfax Marathon Milers 2008

Time to race! Parents could run with kids but most of us tried to stay off to the side and get photos and cheer them on.

Colorado Colfax Marathon Milers 2008

About a half-mile in before our first walk break. So I go — let’s go! Dad, you said I could walk if I was tired. I lied. Ok. Off she went!

Colorado Colfax Marathon Milers 2008

Then she spots her own personal cheering section — Mom with video camera and Reagan on the cowbell. Need more cowbell?!? And with a wave like a beauty queen she thanked them and kept rolling along!

Colorado Colfax Marathon Milers 2008

About 3/4 done and rounding the last big turn. Its straight in from here. Hey, Sydney — let me see what you got! Look at that form. A natural!

Colorado Colfax Marathon Milers 2008

Coming down the shoot for the big finish!

Colorado Colfax Marathon Milers 2008

And here what is was all about for Sydney — the medal! She wanted it so bad when she was done. She always wears my medals after the race and now she has her own! She beat OUR goal time of 13 minutes easily with a 11:55.52! Not that Dad is into that sort of stuff and had a timer going on his 5 year old kid. Shut up. Stop laughing at me.

Colorado Colfax Marathon Milers 2008

Afterwards, we went through the food line and then went through the vendors. Everyone was giving Sydney praise for finishing the race. She loved it! There was even a rock band performing — made up of all kids. They were really good!

I asked Reagan after the race if she wants to do it next year and she said in her baby voice, “No. That looks too hard.”

So as a tribute to Sydney and her big first race ever, here is a video so you too can feel the excitement for Colorado’s newest running sensation!

I followed up with Sydney afterward to see if she was going to do it again. Her only question was WHEN? Soon. Running is contagious.

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