Olympic Dreams

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Sydney had her 2nd annual end of year gymnastics recital. For the performance, they are still doing tumbling routines but in class its bars, trampolines, and much more! View all photos from this event.

Summer Is Here

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We met up with the White’s for a Memorial Day picnic at Eldorado Canyon. Sydney was very excited because all she talks about is going camping. This was like camping but only for a few hours. The big summer trip is coming soon though. Are you ready, Sydney? CJ & Sydney had fun filling buckets with water and pouring them … Read More


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Today was graduation day and Sydney made it. Now she is off to Kindergarten next year! What’s next, high school? The bad news is that she won’t be in the same class with some of her closest friends. Another year with great teachers that Sydney loved. Oh wait…what is this? A medal?!? You get medals for running races, not for … Read More

Colorado Colfax Marathon Miler 2008

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Distance 1.0 miles Time 11:55.52 GPS Analysis MotionBased Sydney has always hinted at wanting to run with me. From time to time, she even comes outside and goes through the motions. So when I told her, there was a kids race coming up she said she was ready to race! Well, there was the bit about what outfit she was … Read More

Its Time To Party

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Sydney was set on having her birthday party at the art studio. She loves going there and painting and when she found out you could have your party there, all other options went out the window. So we invited everyone in her class at school and a couple of other friends for a artsy birthday party! The painting was sort … Read More