Training Begins

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The day before my upcoming marathon, they are having a “Colorado Kids Marathon Mile” race. The kids get to finish at the big fancy marathon finish line. As mentioned, I asked Sydney and after we got past the wardrobe issues, she was game. Now, we talk about the race all the time and how she is going to win and … Read More

Swim Class

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Sydney is almost done with her spring swim class. Now she is doing freestyle for about 3-5 seconds before she has to look up and see what’s going on. View more photos.

Hex Girls

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The girls watch movies in the car all the time. The DVDs get changed out now and then but Scooby Doo has been in the player for quite a while. So…wait before that, you may want to check out this video of Scooby Doo. Watch the first 2 minutes or so. Ok, given that…Sydney tells us that its time for … Read More

Girls Will Be Girls

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Dad: Sydney, the day before my race coming up there is a race for kids. You will get your own number and run with the other kids. Its a race just like I do. Would you like to run a race and get your own number? Sydney: I will have to see if I have any running clothes first. Concern … Read More