Snowy Steamboat

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We took our annual ski vacation to Steamboat this year. We hadn’t been their in a couple years so it was great to get back to Ski Town U.S.A. This year we took along the rest of the Fuller Family so they could experience the winter wonderland with the kids.

Sydney spent one day skiing with Aunt Natalee and I. However, I think she had more fun playing in the snow with Nana and Mom. Check out the snowman…or maybe its a snowgirl.

Steamboat Snowman

Sydney also challenged herself to climb this HUGE mountain of snow. She was so proud of it. She had to show it to me when I returned that day.

Steamboat Climb

If its big enough to climb it, then you should be able to sled down it, right?

Steamboat Sledder
Steamboat Sledder Done

Sydney loved going to the hot tub every night, but better yet was our evening at the hot springs!

Steamboat Hot Springs

After warming up in the hot springs, it was time to test ourselves. Sydney was no chicken! She sat in the snow chair several times and long enough for me to take a picture!

Steamboat Chair

Sydney enjoyed our trip and time with the family!

Steamboat Family