Some Kind of Show

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We are in Michigan visiting the Burkes. The kids are having a great time playing together. Last night, they all came up and said it was time to watch a performance. We thought we would be in for quite a treat with 4 kids. But it turns into 4 shows in one with no plot. Enjoy!

Happy Holidays

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It has been a great holiday season. We had Christmas at home and then drove to Indiana to visit with family for an entire week. I can’t even think how I would blog all those interactions so I will just let you go through the slideshow yourself. But here is one photo — this is Sydney with her big horse … Read More

Late Night Burgers

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Sydney isn’t too into hamburgers but she thought she would give it a go when we visited Steak N Shake for a late post-movie snack. This is some sort of “kiss the cook” action given the chef hat Sydney was sporting. Dude, where is my crayon?

Visiting Mimi

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We went and visited Sydney’s Great Grandmother, Mimi, over the holiday. I gave this 5-year old the camera and had her do the interview. Now, once I get her uploading the video my work is done.