Movin On Up

By BrandonMilestones2 Comments

As part of Reagan’s move to a big girl bed, it was time to get Sydney out of the toddler bed. What kind of bed do you want, Sydney? That question took about 6 months. It was a bed with a slide, then a poster bed with curtains, then, then, then. Finally, we got the same answer twice in a row: the dollhouse bed. Buy it quick — before she changes her mind.

It arrived via freight delivery and I had to put it together. Where did I sign up for this? The thing nearly doesn’t fit. Its about 1″ off the ceiling at its highest point.


So Reagan also loves this bed. She climbs up in it but hasn’t mastered getting down. So we hear her screaming for us and we go upstairs only to find she needs your services to get her down.

Sydney spent time decorating all the various nooks and we even put lights up in the top of the house now.


Sydney also decorated her tree all by herself this year! She was so proud.