Big City Girl

By BrandonAdventures1 Comment

Sydney got to spend a weekend in San Francisco! It was Mom’s birthday so we hit the town in style. For Mom’s dirthday dinner, we went to the Tonga Room — which Sydney now believes is the coolest place ever. They have rainstorms, drinks with umbrellas, a dance floor, and a boat on pond with a live band on-board! She made it through a 2-hour dinner with no complaints.

The next morning, it was off to breakfast. How about some little pancakes for a big city girl?


As we were waiting for the cable car ride, Sydney decided that she was in the fasion district and it was time to show the goods.


As the people started hanging off the cable car, Sydney lost her view. But she stayed entertained until we reached our destination.


Sydney demanded the we take her picture by the “trolley” one last time!


When are we going to see the Sea Lions? That is what Sydney always remembers about San Francisco. So we headed over to see how they were doing after the oil spill in the bay. Looks like everyone is fine and snoozing to us!