Ready, Set, Go

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Sydney was ready for Halloween this year. She had been decorating with Mom for about a month before hand. When it was finally time to get ready, she was standing at the door waiting for the green light. Lucky for her, she got to go trick-or-treating with her BFF Helene for 1/2 the night. They had a great time figuring … Read More

This Feels Yucky

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Usually, Dad has to carve the pumpkin but not this year! We just never got it done so Sydney and Mom decided to do it themselves just before trick-or-treat time. Too bad they never took a picture of the final product…it was a pretty spooky cat!

Disney World 2007

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This year we decided to take the kids to Disney for a week of vacation! We were constantly on the move every minute and the kids had a great time. I think we visited with about 30+ Disney characters. There was just too much action to cover so I will let the pictures speak for themselves.

Zoo Queen

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We took the kids to the zoo this morning to a “Member’s Breakfast”. They let you in the park early before its open to the public. The animal were a lot more active then when we normally see them in the afternoon! Usually when we head to the feed-the-birds attraction, they are full and don’t pay attention to you. Today, … Read More