What About It

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So the morning started out with a grumpy kid that didn’t want to do anything fun today. Finally, we talked her into going back to Water World. It is her favorite place on earth but she has amnesia about going back each time. Very strange. As soon as she hits the park, it all comes back to her. Where did … Read More

Tough Girls

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Sydney always like to tackle and beat up Reagan. So tonight, we decided to show her how big girls take out their aggression — in the rink! My cousin Tonya and her team from Fort Wayne, Indiana were in town to compete against the Rocky Mountain team. Sydney was in awe of these speedy buff-and-tuff ladies on wheels. Go Minx, … Read More

A Special Visit

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A few weeks ago, they called us and said that Mimi was in the hospital and not doing so hot. So on our trip home we made a few stops into the place that Mimi is staying to spread some of that young laughter. The girls got to play bingo, look at the birds and take a wheelchair ride with … Read More