Our Annual Pilgrimage to Camp Dick

By KimA Day in the Life1 Comment

This past weekend we had our annual visit to our favorite campsite in Camp Dick. If you remember our trip last year did not go too well. Between the rain and a screaming one year old refusing to sleep in the tent. You could say I was dreading the whole thing a bit. But luckily our trip was great. The girls, dogs and weather were all awesome. We even dragged Daddy’s friend Mike and his daughter Devon along for the trip. Mike is a major handyman with just about anything so he was nice to have along for our little emergencies. And Devon was great at keeping the girls entertained.


Our hike started out a little choppy with Sydney sobbing because she couldn’t walk. Her legs were broke. But we quickly moved past that when she saw all the wild flowers she could be picking. Dad even gave her a walking stick to help her poor legs walk.


We hiked about 2 miles in to where there was a clearing and a great little shallow part of the river. We took our shoes off and jumped in. Well, the girls were both very quickly bathing in the nude but it was a bit too cold for Mom and Dad. Daddy had a great time with both his girls.


Sydney discovered new land and decided it should be called Sydney Island. She had a great time trekking back and forth between all the little islands.


On the way back to the campsite Daddy took some time to show Sydney some proper trekking techniques. She is now our little pro hiker. Four miles all by herself. Not bad for a four year old.


She even climbed this HUGE boulder all by herself. Hands and knees was the technique learned for this bad boy.


Oh, and the dogs had a great time too. They were definitely in their element.


We were so lucky to have the great butterfly hunter with us. I tell you those butterflies were everywhere. We would have been goners for sure if Dakota wasn’t there to chase them off. She had no fear. She would take off down the river or through the high brush. Whatever it took to get those flying demons.