Butterfly Pavillion

By KimA Day in the Life1 Comment

School’s out so I promised the girls a day at a museum of their choice to celebrate the beginning of summer. Sydney has been waking up crying for fear of spiders in her bed. So I thought it best to go see our old friend Rosie again to see that spiders aren’t so scary. Once again Sydney loved Rosie right away. Cool we have once again surpassed a case of arachnophobia.


Today we even got a chance to hold a huge hissing cockroach. I passed on this one but Sydney was up for the challenge.


More spiders. This one made a huge funnel type web all over his cage. It was really impressive. You may be able to make it out in this photo.


Finally we made it to the butterfly pavilion. We were really impressed with the amount of butterflies today. They were fluttering all around you. And as usual the foliage was beautiful.


The girls had a great time pointing out the butterflies, fish and turtles. Another good adventure.