A Day at the Park

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The weather was warming up. Not so windy or rainy so I decided to take the girls out for lunch and play at our new Adventure Park nearby. Where did the girls want to eat? McDonald’s of course. It is not my favorite but luckily I gave in because when we got there we were surprised by a special visitor. The girls didn’t know who Ronald was but they soon loved him. He gave them autographs and put on a little magic show.


Next we headed over to our Adventure Park.


They have a really tall play set. Syd likes to climb up the curvy ladder.


Then onto the favorite red rope jungle thingey. She can now go all the way to the top platform. Which is not an easy task in your crocs.


They also have a section full of huge boulders for climbing. Though today Sydney was more into posing for the camera.


More posing at the farm section. It is very rare to get this kid to stand still for the camera so I will take them when I can get them.