Little Ballerina

By KimA Day in the Life1 Comment

Mom finally remembered to take her camera to my dance class so that you can check out some of my moves. Parents aren’t allowed in the classroom during class so the pics are limited but you get the idea. Here I am against the bar. This is where we do various ballet moves. I am especially good at pointing my toes like a real dancer. Check out my beautiful sparkly dancing wear. It has both my favorite colors purple and pink. Did I mention it has sparkles? That’s the best part.


We forgot to get pictures of my tap routine. But, we are performing tap in the spring recital so I am sure you will get the movie. We just got a sneak peek at our recital costumes and I just know I am going to look adorable. For now here’s a picture of me doing the ribbon dance. This is where you run around the room doing various moves while twirling your ribbon.