Watch Out Seafood

By KimA Day in the Life1 Comment

I have decided that since I am becoming such a big girl, I am almost 4 you know, that its about time I start trying new foods. I have just noticed that Mom and Dad sometimes have different meals than Reagan and I. So, big girl that I am I have been asking to try these new foods to the surprise of my parents. And wouldn’t you know that I really like most of them. It began with vegetables, which I would NEVER eat. I am now eating green beans, carrots, lettuce and corn. Next, fish, yep I LOVE fish. But, the latest new food completely surprised Mommy. She was so excited about this new food that she had to call Daddy to tell him. You see Mommy was eating these pink things for lunch and I just had to ask what they were. Shrimp, doesn’t sound so scary. Can I try one? Mommy gave me a tiny piece because she was just sure I would hate it. But, long story short Mommy only had a couple shrimp for lunch because I ate them all. She now has to buy them by the bag for the freezer and thaw them out for snacks. Yep, that’s how much I love these things.