Valentine Party

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They have started asking Moms to volunteer at my Preschool. My lucky Mommy got the pleasure of volunteering on the day of our Valentines Day party. I was so excited to show Mom all around my classroom and have her meet all my friends. Each class begins with circle time. Here we go over our number, letter, and color of the day as well as stuff like the day and month.


Next we move over to our Centers. This is where we do different crafts and learn all sorts of stuff. Here I am contemplating just what my painting should be. Mommy said I am a budding Picaso.


Next we had a special Valentine snack and then went for a walk before it was time for the big party. We all sat in a circle while Mommy and my teachers, Mrs Hallin and Mrs Stitcher, led us around the circle to hand out our Valentines to all the excited kids. To most kids this seemed to be quite a confusing task. But not for me. As I took out each Princess card I had to describe in full detail just what Princess was on each card. And of course show off the fact that there was a candy inside. Over all it was a really fun day for both Mommy and me.