Children’s Museum

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Natalee and Dohn wanted to take the kids to the Indy Children’s Museum. Mom and Dad had not been there since we were kids. The consensus was that it is still the best kids museum in the land. Dino-riffic?


Hey, Papa Herbie, I got a dig dig too!


There was a garden complete with fake dirt, fake flowers and real tools. Very popular with my kids. They want to have a green thumb like Mom.


There were various kid-sized fake food establishments within. Here was the ice cream parlor. As much fake ice cream as you can eat.


The big hit was the full cookie kitchen. Adults sat at tables and were served loads of cookies and cakes.


Almost done, but we have to stop in the winter wonderland and catch some fish!


That outfit is much more appropriate for winter fishing!


To leave the place, you just have to take the slide out. Who will win the race?