Star Friends Winner

By BrandonA Day in the Life1 Comment

At our hotel in Mexico, they had nightly entertainment. It started with a kid’s program. The kids would be invited on stage to dance and then play a game, then dance again. We had only been there a couple of nights and Sydney started really getting into this. So here are the kids on this night. See Sydney over on the far right.


So they start playing a game were they stop the music and you have to go to 1 of 3 corners of the stage. If you are in the corner that they randomly pick, you are out. So about 10 rounds later, look who is still left in the game!


Every time they stop the music, Sydney just keeps getting it right. Now we are down to 2. What a proud Dad I am! However, I don’t think Sydney really understands what is going on.


Its the final showdown. They stop the music. Victor, the host, says you have to go to separate corners. Sydney goes with the big girl. So they tell her she has to go to her own corner and they move her across the stage. They drew the corner…and…Sydney wins!


Finally, Sydney has to tell the crowd her name. She is so excited. She says Sydney into the mic, which sounds like Cindy. Then Victor asks…where are you from? She responds…Mexico! Geez. Guess we talked up the trip a bit in advance with her. She got a t-shirt and was so excited that she won.


Afterwards, the men just lined up to dance with the winner. Here she is dancing with Dillion. Dillion and Sydney became good playmates over the course of the week through various hook ups on the dance floor and at the beach. I think we have some video of the dancing yet to come.


Later that night while Sydney was in the shower, we heard singing. Kim and I went in and listened and found Sydney signing her version of many of the songs that they played during her game that night. The nightly entertainment might give the beach/pool a run for the title of coolest activity!