Xel-Ha Is Cool!

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While in Mexico, we did a couple of excursions off the resort. The first was to Xel-Ha. Its pronounced “Shell Ha”. Its an ecological park. Its basically a big lagoon/bay off the ocean. All kinds of fish and wild life make there home back in it. Its a mix of fresh and ocean water. Apparently, the rivers in the area flow into it creating a unique mix.

This is view back towards the park from the ocean. We are standing on a floating bridge. Next to the bridge are huge fish just swimming around.


The first step was putting on your life jacket. They are hanging all over the park. You just grab one and go. Sydney thinks life jackets are cool because of Dora.


We did a big lazy river ride but I don’t have pictures of that because I didn’t want to take my camera in the water of course. Its the best part of the park. But we forgot to buy an overpriced water camera. So after that was done, we found a small pier with tons of fish swimming around it.


Let’s go for a swim with the fish! They had fish food that Sydney took into the water and was distributing to the fish. How fun. I think the fish were bloated when she was done because she didn’t want to stop feeding them.


Later we headed over to an area that had some caves. Here go the explorers!


Reagan and I went up and found some of the holes in the top of the caves. We started yelling for them and they eventually found our voices and saw us. Hey guys!


Sydney didn’t want to leave. She had a blast at Xel-Ha. Its a great park. Great natural attractions. Do the all-inclusive option if you ever go. I could write more but its just place you have to experience. If you don’t like big open ocean snorkeling, you will like this place. You feel very safe in the water the whole time…at least that’s what our shark-fearing Mom said.