My First Trip to the Dentist

By KimMilestones1 Comment

Last week I had my very first ever trip to the dentist. Mom found out while making the appointment that they like to see you for the first time around your first birthday. So they can get you used to the procedures gradually so your not so scared. And they also like to see how those teeth are coming in. So needless to say I was a little late. For my fist trip I didn’t allow the hygenist to do much at all in the cleaning department. She cleaned a few teeth and then I was done with that. I didn’t let her attempt to do the fluoride treatment or the x-rays. I did however love it when she used her gun to spray water in my mouth. Because then you could kiss the magic wand and all the water was magically sucked out of your mouth. My dentist, Dr. Abrams, was a really cool guy. He took a look at my teeth and quickly decided that I was a marshmallow head. I thought that was hilarious. He also found out that I have an extra tooth, which Mommy already suspected. Here I am in the chair. They give you these cool sunglasses to wear to help keep the light out of your eyes.