Camp Dick

By BrandonAdventures2 Comments

Last weekend, we took our first camping trip with the kids. It was a major car camping excursion because we had to be sure we got a little bit of sleep. To help tire the kids out, we took a hike up the river. At one point you have to cross the “Poopie Bridge” — see why. Sydney enjoyed this very much.


Sydney was off posing for Mom in the woods. She even got to go and pick some raspberries right off the bushes and eat them.


Sydney has to climb up any rock she sees. Think she is seeing to many pictures of Dad climbing on the weekends. Wyatt joined her on this attempt.


Sydney retired to the tent early that night and fell right asleep. She woke me up at 3 AM and said she had to go poop. Nice. So we wandered in the dark under the stars to the toliet. After sitting on the toliet for a while, she told me that the poop was stuck in her butt. So we went back to the tent and fell back asleep.