Silver Dollar

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We went camping for 2 nights in a row this weekend. Sydney is a trooper. Perfect sleeper. She spent a lot of time running around the camp site pretending she was either Belle, Pocahontas, or some other Disney princess. In the mornings, she would be on the lookout for all her “animal friends” that were in the forest watching her. … Read More

Cool Climb

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We drove from our campsite over to Aspen today. Sydney’s favorite part of Aspen — the playground! Pretty cool to be able to cross a rope bridge and summit a big mountain!

Camp Dick

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Last weekend, we took our first camping trip with the kids. It was a major car camping excursion because we had to be sure we got a little bit of sleep. To help tire the kids out, we took a hike up the river. At one point you have to cross the “Poopie Bridge” — see why. Sydney enjoyed this … Read More

Back To The Fair

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Sydney and CJ had a date at the Boulder County Fair last weekend. This was a chaperoned event. Gotta watch these two. First we went and checked out the petting zoo. Then it was time for the main event — Monster Trucks! I think this is why CJ really came on the date with Sydney. Afterwards, it was time for … Read More