My Most Favorite Place

By SydneyAdventures3 Comments

Mom and Dad took me to the coolest place on earth — WaterWorld. Just 20+ minutes from my house, its the biggest water park in the US. They have lots of cool stuff. However, you have to wait in line to go on things and I am not good at that. To me, waiting in line means cutting behind the person in the front of the line so I am next. Sounds good, huh?


I went down slides until my butt was sore. There are several areas for kids to play.


The best part of the whole day was riding in the big innertube with my whole family. We rode the dinosaur ride and the mummy ride. In those, you ride in a tube through a big building that has scary things inside. But they can’t get you if you are in the tube. Its very scary and I like doing it over and over and over. If you come and visit me, I will take you there. Its the best place ever.