More Pictures

By KimA Day in the Life2 Comments

Well, Nana and Papa had to go home to my dismay. But here are just a few more pictures Nana took during her visit. Here are me and Reagan with our friends Kaitlyn and Brady. They are moving to Glenwood Springs in a week so we are very sad to see them go. They were super fun to play with.


We rode our bikes a lot for Nana and Papa. It was a good way to keep them entertained. Safety First!


Nana always likes to make my hair look super pretty and then make you pose for pictures. Here is one of the better shots.


Papa liked to sit on the back deck to read, sip his coffee and just enjoy the mountain views. Yeah right Papa, not with me around. You must be at my beckoned call to play whatever I want to at any moment. I don’t think he minded too much.