Longmont Sunrise Stampede 2006

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Today was the local Sunrise Stampede in Longmont. Daddy was running in the 10K so we all went along to cheer him on. Daddy was having a little trouble with his form so I decided to help him with his warm-ups. Ready, Set, Go!


We ran a couple warm-up laps on the track together.


Since I was all warmed up we decided to walk the 2 mile version of the race. I rode in Bob most of the way but did run the final lap with Nana and Momma to pass the finish line on my very own.


Now it was time to watch Daddy cross the finish line. Please oh please let Daddy finish in good time.


It was so exciting to see Daddy run around the track on his final lap. As soon as he was done I went running to him for a big hug. Good job Daddy!