Nana and Papa

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Nana and Papa are here for a visit and boy did we have a fun packed day. First, they had a chance to see Syd’s soccer practice. They were really impressed with how well Syd can follow the ball. I have to brag a little here and say that Sydney is definitely the star pupil of the class. The other Mom’s even complimented us on how athletic Sydney was.


But there is another reason behind Syd’s desire to do her best. Coach Adam!!! I think we can easily say Coach Adam is the object of Syd’s first crush. She follows him around giggling and is always trying to get his attention. Then when we got in the car she said she was going to marry Coach Adam. I hope Coach Adam doesn’t mind a super long engagement. Because this kid isn’t allowed to get married until she is at least 35.


Next Papa and Nana wanted to get wasted so we took them on a tour of the Coor’s factory. It is the largest brewery in the US. The tour itself wasn’t too impressive but at the end you were allowed tons of free samples which was pretty cool.


Finally, we went over to the visitor center at Red Rocks Amphitheatre. Red Rocks is probably the most beautiful outdoor theatre you will ever see. These pictures probably won’t do it justice but here is one of the rocks surrounding the theatre.


The view down to the stage.


Sydney, Nana, and Daddy walked all the way down to see the stage where Syd got a chance to dance her Cinderella dance on the stage. How many people can say they have performed at red rocks?


On the walk back up Sydney got a feel for what it would be like to watch a show there. She agreed it would be a great show. Especially if it were a Cinderella show.