Summer Time Is Here

By KimA Day in the Life1 Comment

Summer is here and we are trying to spend more time outside when it isn’t too hot. If you have never been to Colorado in the summer you don’t know hot. The last couple of weeks have been in the upper 90’s, its a very dry heat, and with the altitude the sun just beats on you. So we lather on the sunscreen and save the outdoor time for the early mornings or evenings when the sun isn’t so hot. The rest of the day you can find us in the comfort of our trusty air conditioning. But, you can always drive with the top down to get a good breeze going to help cool you down.


Also this summer Sydney is going to her very first summer camp. Funshine Day Camp is held by the city and each week they have a different theme. Last week they learned all about different plants and flowers. They got to plant their very own garden to bring home and were allowed to run around and pick flowers, leaves and pinecones. When we dropped Syd off she was crying but when we picked her up she didn’t want to come home. I guess week one was a hit.