School’s Out

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Sad as it is for Sydney, school is out for the year. On her last day parents were invited in for a farewell party. Here are all of Syd’s classmates getting ready for the party.


Sydney loved her teachers this year. She would give them big hugs at the start of the day and they were always so happy to see Syd. We are sure gonna miss Miss Kathy and Miss Kathy.


Miss Kathy made a book for each child to read during the party. The book was all about Sydney including all her favorite things, family stories and not so favorite things. Here we are reading Syd’s story for the class.


Here’s Sydney with her best friend Hayley. Hayley has a baby sister named Sydney, imagine that. Sydney talks about Hayley nonstop. Here they are hugging but most of the time they were wrestling each other. They both had baby sisters this year so we think they use each other to get out their frustrations.


We are going back to Rocky Mountain Christain School next year too. It is an awesome school. Next year Syd has Preschool 2 whole days a week. Reagan even gets to go next year but just one day a week. What will Mommy do with herself.