Colorado Ocean Journey

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Sydney has been complaining to us that we never take her to see the sharks. We fell for this so called guilt trip and took the girls to the Aquarium in Denver last week. We weren’t expecting too much because this is a pretty much land locked area. But, to our surprise it was a really nice aquarium and the girls had a great time. Here are the girls leaning against the aqarium wall of one of the bigger aquariums. You could walk all around this particular aquarium and see all sorts of huge and different fish. They even had sharks!


Sydney even got to pet this huge fish. This one was probably as long as Daddy.


Later on we went to the stingray exhibit. Usually Sydney is too scared to touch these things but today we had to drag her away kicking and screaming. She even bought some squids to feed the stingrays. This was definiteky the highlight of the day.