My 3rd Birthday Party

By KimMilestones1 Comment

We had my third Birthday Party last weekend and Mommy went all out on a party for Reagan and me. It was a Princess party so many of my friends came dressed as knights or princesses. Here are the birthday princesses all decked out. Aren’t they pretty?


We didn’t keep our princess dresses on too long though since we had a huge princcess bouncer to get crazy in.


Here I am jumping with some of my friends. It sometimes got a little crazy in there so I figured out its best to stay close to the net to steady yourself. At some points during the party we had little kids only time in the bouncer and then I really got crazy.


Before the party the kids all picked out their very own stuffed animal. Then during the party we got to stuff and dress them ourselves. This was probably the favorite part of the party for most kids. Here we all are stuffing away.


Here’s a picture of me with the finished product. Of course I picked out the princess outfit for my poodle.


Next it was time for the princess castle pinata. As the birthday girl I got to go first and even got in a few extra wacks.


On to the cake. We had a yummy ice cream cake. Of course it was decorated with all the princesses.


Here is some video of the festivities.