Easter Time

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I was pretty excited for Easter time this year. I had been hearing about these baskets the Easter bunny hides around your house full of all sorts of goodies. So as soon as I woke up I ran downstairs to search for the basket.


In my basket I found one of the princess dolls that I had been missing…Pocahontas.


The Easter Bunny also stopped by Nana and Papa’s house in Fort Wayne to bring us their baskets. Here I foudn a Swiper the Fox doll to go with my Dora and Boots. Now my Dora collection is complete. Reagan especially enjoyed the wrapping. But I really liked all the Easter stickers. So much so that I later stuck them all over Mom’s countertops. I kinda forgot stickers are for paper only. Hey, anything goes on Easter, right?


Later in the day we went outside to find that the Easter Bunny had pooped Easter Eggs all over our yard. (You can thank Daddy for the pooping part of the story.) Actually they were filled with all sorts of candy. I am still telling Mommy and Daddy that I think the Easter Bunny pooped some more eggs. I just know I’ll find more here somewhere. Hope you all had a great Easter!