San Francisco

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We decided to spend the day in San Francisco since Mommy heard there was a cool kids museum we should check out. First we went over the Golden Gate for some photos since it was an unusually nice day in the city. You’ve already seen that photo. Next we headed over to the Exploratorium. Its a science museum near the bridge. It was interesting but mostly a little over my head. The one thing I did like was this big bubble wand. Mommy would hold the wand up and then run with it making a huge bubble about 6 feet long or more. I tried but a little tough for me. I even tried blowing one out but didn’t work.


There is a really pretty park outside the Exploratorium that Mommy has always wanted to see so we checked that out next. There was a wedding going on and I was so excited to see the girl in her beautiful dress. I had to follow them around saying “Wow, they are married now – there a Mommy and Daddy.” So that’s what marriage is for.


Next we walked the wharf for ole times sake. When suddenly I heard all sorts of barking. Daddy tried to fool me telling me those noises were dogs but I knew better. Those were sea lions silly Daddy.


Time to eat. There is a new Rainforest Cafe on the wharf. We have always wanted to try one but the lines were always crazy. Luckily today there was no wait. It was awesome inside. It was all decked out to look like a rainforest complete with huge elephants, a waterfall, snakes and tons more. The elephants would charge at you if you got close which really freaked me out. So I decided to stay at my table from then on. I also got this cool cup that lights up.


Of course we couldn’t leave without a trip to Ghiradelli’s. We didn’t get any photos there since by then both Reagan and me were starting to fall apart. I even spilled my entire glass of water on Mommy in one of my tantrums.