Discovery Zone Museum

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Daddy had to go to work in California but decided he would miss me too much so I decided to tag along to keep him company. But he did have to work so during the days Mommy took me and Reagan to all sorts of cool places. The first thing we did was head over to the Discovery Zone Museum in San Jose. This place is awesome. They have all sorts of activities made just for kids my size. I could run around and do everything myself. Here I am driving the firetruck. Oh yeah, do you like my new haircut? I refuse to leave in any kind of barrette so this makes life easier.


The special exhibit this month was Dr Seuss so they had all sorts of funny Seuss mobiles to climb in.


The museum was really busy first thing so we headed upstairs to the new 4 years and under only section. They have a guard at the door so I could just run around without Mommy having to worry too much about me wondering off. Here I am at the sand table with Reagan.


Next Reagan wanted to crawl around in these huge blocks so I decided to join her. I was pretending to be a baby too, crawling and all.


Time to get civilized. There was a tea party going on and I was feeling a little parched.


So much to do. Next we headed upstairs to the carousel room. You can’t tell in this picture but this room was really dark and the lights and images from the carousel projected onto the walls. It was great for dancing.


Next to the Hall of Sounds. Here you could shake any of these items and they would make some loud noises. Some, like the dinosaur were pretty scary but the rest were cool.


Things in the museum were quieting down so we left the 4 and under section to check out the other exhibits. In this room you could make your own pizzas with all the toppings, bake it and serve it up to eat just like in a real pizzeria.


I even rang up the pizza before Mommy could sit down and eat. One little girl kept stealing the cash from my register as I popped it open. I got so mad at her I got into a little pushing fight. Time to move on since I just couldn’t get over this theft.


Lastly we went down to the water room. This is by far my favorite area since you are actually allowed to splash and make a total mess of things. I started out in the 4 and under area with Reagan since you could really get wet.


I soon wanted to be with the big kids so I ventured out to the really big water contraptions. Here you put lots of balls in the tubes that sucked them into the middle. Then you pulled really hard on this rope. This would make the water rush out of the middle tube and make the balls fly up through the sky. I probably played here for a good 30 minutes.


They also had this cool water fountain full of steam. You could turn the blue handle to change the shape of the fountain and help the steam escape. Or just throw the balls into the fountain. There were so many other cool water contraptions but these were my favorites. Next time we need to drag Daddy along because I just know he would have tons of fun.