School’s Out

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Sad as it is for Sydney, school is out for the year. On her last day parents were invited in for a farewell party. Here are all of Syd’s classmates getting ready for the party. Sydney loved her teachers this year. She would give them big hugs at the start of the day and they were always so happy to … Read More

Colorado Ocean Journey

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Sydney has been complaining to us that we never take her to see the sharks. We fell for this so called guilt trip and took the girls to the Aquarium in Denver last week. We weren’t expecting too much because this is a pretty much land locked area. But, to our surprise it was a really nice aquarium and the … Read More

Hydration Junkie

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Last weekend we all went for a hike in the mountains. Sydney was all decked out for her hike. She had her very own CamelBack hydration pack which she finally figured out how to drink from. So that was really cool. She also had her very own Merrel hiking shoes, Nemo t-shirt, Hello Kitty sunglasses, and Dorothy the Dinosaur hat. … Read More

My 3rd Birthday Party

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We had my third Birthday Party last weekend and Mommy went all out on a party for Reagan and me. It was a Princess party so many of my friends came dressed as knights or princesses. Here are the birthday princesses all decked out. Aren’t they pretty? We didn’t keep our princess dresses on too long though since we had … Read More