Disco Baby

By KimA Day in the Life3 Comments

Today the new kids craze Disco Baby came to Boulder and CJ asked Sydney to be his date for the event. So she got all dressed up and hit the dance floor. Disco Baby is a group that rents out nightclubs during the day and has a dance for the kiddies. They play grown up music, have all sorts of snacks, and the kids boogie under the disco ball.

Here is a picture of the nightclub. As you can see they had the place all done up for the party.


Daddy always dreamed of picking up the ladies in a club. Boy did he score big time with these hotties.


He even got them both out on the dance floor together.


The party started out well but soon Syd was in a mood. Daddy loaded her up with all the snacks laying around and she was soon dancing again.


Our dancing queen didn’t rock as hard as we thought she would. But to her credit she is just getting over being sick all week.