Steamboat Springs

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We are back from our trip to Steamboat Springs and boy did we have fun. Syd spent most days in the condo playing with her buddy CJ while Daddy and Cj’s parents were out on the slopes. And of course we also got out for some play in the snow. Here are a few of our pictures.

We took the kids out for a gondola ride to the top of the first set of ski runs. I kept telling the kids we were taking a train ride but was soon corrected by CJ who knew this was not a train. Sorry, they are smarter then I think. They soon had the correct word Gon-DOH-la down pat.


At the top of the mountain we spent some time playing in the snow before we went into the ski lodge to eat our $5 hot dogs for lunch. The view was well worth it. I won’t tell you Grandmas that on the other side of this little bank we played on was a huge drop-off. No need to worry, we didn’t lose any kids.


I don’t think I need to tell you just how pretty it was up there. I even got smiles from the two two year olds. Not an easy feat.


Time to head back down on the Gondola. It was fun to watch all the skiers go by below as we headed back down the mountain. CJ saw his Mommy and Daddy ski by at least 3 or 4 times. They must be fast.


Next, poor CJ was about to fall asleep standing up so we took him back to the condo. What to do now…put Syd on skis of course. At first she hated walking in her ski boots. I can’t blame her. If you don’t know what we mean try walking without bending your ankles while having a tight weight around your shins. Its hard to get used to but the speed of the skiing soon took her mind off it. As Syd and Daddy headed down the slopes you could hear her say, “Faster Daddy!” Definitely not her mother’s child.

Before the skiing though she first had to get on the chair lifts. Another awesome event for Syd. Daddy even had her saying “skis up” as she got off the lifts. Many adults still forget to do that.


Here they come!


Next Mommy thought it was time for Syd to learn how to control her skis a little on her own. When she went on the bigger bunny hill with Daddy she made Daddy hold her the whole time. So we took her on the baby bunny hill for a go. Here she is on the conveyor belt to the top of the hill. This was kind of a joke since the hill had barely a slant to it. Mommy actually just walked beside her. But, Sydney thought this was too cool. She was so proud that she was doing it all by herself.


Not a bad first time on skis for a two year old. She has trouble not crossing her skis but she was better than a lot older first timers on the bunny hill.


The next night Mommy and Daddy took Sydney night tubing down the bigger bunny hill. We didn’t want to take the camera for fear of breaking it so there are no pictures. But, Sydney had a blast with that as well. She cried when we had to leave the hills. I was amazed by how fearless this kid was. The faster the better in her mind.

All in all it was a great trip. Thanks to Chad and Becky of dragging us along. I’m sure we’ll be back.