Dance Party

By KimA Day in the Life4 Comments

As you all know I really love to get my groove on. So the other night we all decided to have a dance party to liven up the joint. Daddy set the tunes, Reagan hung in the swing, and Mama and I boogied down. Here are just a few of my moves.

The Plank

In this one I am trying to mimic the planks that Mama does during her workouts. You try to lift one foot and one hand at the same time. Warning: The image you are about to see is being performed by a professional. Do not try this one at home.


The Point

In this dance you point your finger up to the sky and spin in circles. Warning: This dance may result in a severe case of vertigo if performed for an extended period of time. Amateurs should attempt this dance on a soft surface only.


Shake What the Man Gave You

Need I say more?