Christmas Time in Fort Wayne

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Here we are month after Christmas and finally posting some Christmas photos for poor little Sydney. Since that little baby came along she always has to wait for her turn in the spotlight. Well here they are. Again Miss Reagan was sick most of the visit so we didn’t get great photos but here are a few.

Presents, presents, presents….this kid definitely did not lack in the present department. We started out Christmas Eve at the Coburn’s house where Syd was spoiled with lots of great gifts once again. She is really into this present thing this year.


Wow, what a beautiful Cinderella.


And here Princess Snow White meets her knight in shining… Batman?


Next we headed over to the Hakes house where wouldn’t you know it there were more presents. She got her own set of Biddie Baby twins and all the dress up clothes to match.


Thank you sooo much.


With all the great gifts Sydney received this year I would say by far her best one was getting to play with cousin Christian. I don’t know what it is about this kid but they play so good together. Too bad Christian doesn’t live out here in Colorado.


On Christmas Day we stayed around the Fuller house for the day. First thing Sydney had to get out more dress up clothes. Playing doctor was a big hit. She got her baby feeling all better by lunchtime.


Aunt Natalee and Dohn came up to the Fort and brought along some Boilermaker pride for both girls.


Nana made us these matching scarves. She is always making sure we are stylish in cold weather.


Time for another wardrobe change.


Another great Christmas. Time to head home but not before one more stop by Christian’s house to check out his loot. See you this summer.