A Duck

By BrandonA Day in the Life1 Comment

Today was Mommy’s Birthday! I tried to work this with Sydney for a few weeks prior so she knew this event was coming up. I kept asking her what she wanted to get Mommy. She didn’t say anything for a few days. Then one day, I asked and she replied, “I get Mommy….a….a….duck! …..and a Teddy Bear!”. Ok, then. I … Read More

Happy Halloween

By KimA Day in the Life6 Comments

Boy do I LOVE Halloween. I got to hand candy out to all sorts of gouhls, princesses, and other little monsters. This was almost as fun as the actual trick or treating. Dad just left the door open and I stood watch for more kids. Then Mommy took me trick or treating around our street. As soon as the doors … Read More