Tales of Sydney

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Tale #1 Sydney was playing in Mom and Dad’s closet this weekend while Mommy was in the shower. When all of a sudden she came running out saying, “I ate the honey.” “Honey” in Sydney talk means money. She was pointing to her stomach saying “It’s stuck.” Great, what do I do now? When I asked her why she ate … Read More

Doin’ the Hula

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I have recently discovered the wonderful art of dress-up. Here I am sporting the hula girl look. What a grass skirt with a little hula dancing? Lucky for me I got this little guitar in Mexico last week so that I could supply my own tunes. Here’s a shot from deep within the action. Check out how well I can … Read More

I Love My Baby

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I love my sister so much that I need to be right next to her at all times. Depending on my mood Reagan either loves to have me close or can get a little scared. I guess you would too if one minute you were being flooded with kisses and the next you were being knocked over. Hey, I’m the … Read More

Puerto Vallarta

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Wow, what a great week I have had. We just got home from our vacation to Puerto Vallarta and here are lots of pics from my favorite moments. Day One As soon as we checked into the hotel we jumped into our swimsuits and hit the beach. Nana had never been to Mexico before so I had to show her … Read More