Merry Christmas

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Wow, I love Christmas!!! This year Christmas was really fun with Sydney. She had it all figured out this year. Be a good girl and this guy Santa will bring you lots of presents. We made several visits to the mall to sit on Santa’s lap and give him lots of hugs. She told everyone who would listen that Santa was goign to come to her house with the reindeer. So the night before Christmas at our house Sydney made Santa her special sprinkle cookies. She decided Santa would prefer some water over milk since he would be very thirsty.


Then the next morning she woke up to find all sorts of presents around the Christmas tree. She knew it had been Santa because she had heard his reindeer outside during the night and his cookies were gone.


He even left her a stocking full of all sorts of goodies.


She must have been really good this year to get all those presents.


And the best part of Christmas. Start opening those presents.


This year the major item brought by Santa were princess related. Sydney is all about the princesses this year. She got an entire chest full of princess shoes and crowns for dress up time.