Tales of Sydney

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Tale #1

Sydney was playing in Mom and Dad’s closet this weekend while Mommy was in the shower. When all of a sudden she came running out saying, “I ate the honey.” “Honey” in Sydney talk means money. She was pointing to her stomach saying “It’s stuck.” Great, what do I do now? When I asked her why she ate the money she simply said. I eat the honey like purple pig. Now I get it. Purple pig is her piggy bank. If piggy can eat the honey why can’t she. Logical to a two year old. Long story short. For two days I checked the diapers for this honey and finally it appeared. A not so shiny penny!

Tale #2

Sydney has been cracking us up lately with what she says. The latest was slightly embarassing at the time but sounded so grown up you couldn’t help but laugh. We were at the store trying to buy a very hard to find Christmas toy for Reagan. The clerk came up to us and told us they had no more in stock. Out of nowhere Sydney blurted out, “Oh my God! You kiddin me!” Spoken just as plain as could be and with such conviction. We have now gotten her to drop the first part but the way she uses “You kiddin me” still cracks us up.

Tale #3

I have always shopped for Sydney’s X-Mas or birthday gifts while she was with me. Didn’t matter, as soon as we got home she forgot about them. Well, this year she is totally excited about the fact that Santa is riding Rudolph to our house to bring her presents. In fact we fake call Santa to tell him not to bring any presents when she is being bad. Works every time. This year as always she was with me when I bought the stocking stuffers and a couple other gifts. Now several weeks later she keeps asking me for the stuff in the white bag and the Snowman presents. I finally put it together that she is talking about the toys we bought at Wal-Mart who has white plastic bags. I wrapped them in snowman paper and put them in our closet hidden under a blanket. At two years old she is already sneaking around the house for presents. Great, now how do I convince her that Santa brought the gifts not Mommy?