Puerto Vallarta

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Wow, what a great week I have had. We just got home from our vacation to Puerto Vallarta and here are lots of pics from my favorite moments.

Day One

As soon as we checked into the hotel we jumped into our swimsuits and hit the beach. Nana had never been to Mexico before so I had to show her around the beach.


Of course, I then needed some me time to play in the sand. I liked to scoop up handfuls of sand and throw it up into the air. Everyone thought I looked like a weirdo but it sure was fun.


I just HAD to bring along my picnic basket just in case Daddy needed some food.


What girl doesn’t like to shop. This was awesome. You just relaxed on the beach and the sales paople came right to you. Check out this bracelet Mama bought me.


We were soon getting a little hot so time to hit the pool.


Day Three

Today we started out on the beach again. Daddy had a rough night because I just didn’t want to sleep so I thought he needed a little pick me up kiss. We had a lot of fun Daddy time today.


I must have had sand on my lips or something because he didn’t like it as much as I thought he would.


He must have gotten over it because he helped me build this awesome sand castle. Don’t tell him but he kinda build it too close to the ocean because it was soon taken by the waves. Oh well, we still had fun building it together.


Cooling off in the pool with Daddy and Reagan.


After all that excitement its time for chow. Here I am teaching Nana how to eat the Mexican food.


Day Four

Today was an especially big day for me. We spent pretty much the whole day in the pool which was just fine by me. Daddy went over to the kids activity desk and got me these cool floaties. I was scared of them at first but I quickly got the hang of them. I could swim all around the pool and not be tied down to the old folks. It was very liberating.

2005-11-25--Swimming _With_Floaties.jpg

I made everyone take a turn at swimming through the lazy river with me. It had cool bridges, or tunnels as I called them, you could swim under. Here I am with Mommy. Not sure what she was thinking with that face.


Reagan even got in with us for awhile. Poor Mommy had to swim around holding both of us. Just between us… I think she really liked it.


Daddy made it in with us as well.


Papa was so amazed by my swimming abilites that even he had to get a close-up looked. I think he was really impressed with the show.


Giddy-Up Papa!


Day Five

Another day at the pool. Today I requested that Nana and Papa take me to the popsicle store for a treat. Nothing like a pospicle on a hot day.


The long days of swimming were beginning to take their toll on me by now. I discovered that the beach chairs and beach towells make a pretty decent bed. From today on, as soon as lunch was over I decided to take a nap in this chair. Doesn’t look like it but it sure was comfy.


Tonight we decided to take a walk to the nearby marina. Papa liked to look at all the huge boats docked. It was a great place for Daddy to get a picture of his girls.


The days here are so fun that I decided I would not go to bed at night. Since Reagan was asleep in the room Daddy decided it best to walk me around the hotel to try and make me tired. I instead decided to dance at the pool parties and just be wild. Every night I would find this birdie asleep in the same spot on the rocks. It became my nightly ritual to find the birdie and tell him goodnight before I would go to bed. This was usually around one o’clock in the morning. Never fail, every night my birdie was there.


Day Six

More of the same today. Here I am on the beach in my bikini.


Day Seven

We are in Mexico so what better place to play Dora the Explorer. Back Pack and I had all sorts of adventures today. Here we are rescuing my bouncey ball from the pool.


Lounging pool side eating Cinderella snacks. This is the life.


Most nights we walked downtown Puerto Vallarta. Tonight we got a great shot of the family as the sun was setting.


Another great family shot in the old part of downtown Puerto Vallarta.


Group Shot


Day Eight

Today is Daddy’s birthday and time to head home. But, not before we got some final shots of the hotel grounds. This was a totally posed shot but still pretty.


Is that a banana tree? I had to get a closer look. Oh, and the river here was home to lots of big goldfish. Mama got me some fish food so that I could feed them daily.


The hotel was full of lots of cool critters running around. Here is a final shot of my friend the iguana. He climbed all the way up to the top of this palm tree. I thought they were nice until I saw two of them fighting.


Hope you enjoyed the pictures. I had a blast at the beach and by the end of the week was even saying a few Spanish words to the locals. When can we go back?