Big Girl Underwear

By KimMilestones6 Comments

All is pretty calm around here now that Reagan is completely over her colic and now a very happy baby. So we decided its time to add a new big project to our lives. We don’t know how to live without a little daily chaos around here. So what’s next…potty training.

The first few days were very hit and miss. She would start to go in her pants, stop as soon as she was wet and then finish after a run to the toilet. Her underwear made her think she had a diaper on so she would just go. Next we decided it was naked time. So Syd ran around naked all day and she would run to the potty when nature called without any accidents. Now that she knows what the call feels like we can bring back the underwear and she goes to the toilet when needed. We are still not at 100% by any means but getting better. #2 is downpat but #1 still causes the occasional accident if too busy with something.

Next step to conquer is the out and about training. We are on the lookout for portable toilet covers for use in restaurants, etc. For now we use pull-ups when out but she immediately goes back to thinking its a diaper and just goes in her pants. As you can see from the pictures we can’t keep clothes on the kid anymore. Now that she learned to undress herself for the toilet she prefers the buff. Oh, and the magic trick that made her excited to use the toilet was a combination of Carebear and Dora underwear. Much cooler then a dumb ole diaper.