Johnny Appleseed Festival

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During our visit to the Fort, Mama took me and Reagan to our first Johnny Appleseed Festival. This is the big annual old time festival in Fort Wayne. Mama and Daddy both were regular fixtures at this festival growing up. They must have run into each other dozens of times. Little did they know they would be bringing their own kids someday. Mama helped her Grandma’s sorority out at the sack race every year. Daddy’s Mom volunteered to help run the festival for years so Daddy would tag along. He was let loose to reek havic around the festival wherever he could.

The festival is set in the days of Johnny Appelseed so if you are working there you have to dress the part. Here is Nana all dolled up.


They have a kiddie section with all sorts of old fashioned games. Here I am searching for a block in the barrel.


Next I moved on to a sort of bowling game. You would hold a rope with a weight on it and try to knock over the pins. Honestly, on my frst try I kocked over all three pins. My prize was a cool turtle necklace which you can see in other pictures.


On to Candle Making…


Isn’t it beautiful…


Next we hit the Maze. I liked running into the ends and trying to push my way out yelling “Help, I’m Stuck.” Very fun.


Finally we headed over to the Boy Scout Games. They have tons of cool, swings and other games that they handmade. I was too little to go on most but I loved the monkey bars as usual.


Here I am going through the cave in the obstacle course. This was another one of my favorites.


On our way out I got to meet the one and only Johnny Appleseed himself.


Too much excitement for me. Time for a nap.