My New Friends

By KimA Day in the Life1 Comment

Ok, so we are back from Fort Wayne and I finally have a minute to post some pictures. Since getting home Sydney keeps asking me the names of all her new friends, aka family in Fort Wayne. We know have all the names down. Here are a few pictures.

I loved playing with Christian most of all. Once I got back home I soon declared Christian as my “Best Friend” while we were driving to school.


He had a cool bed with a slide. We quickly made trash of his room after a few rounds.


We made it back to the Fort Wayne Children’s Zoo. Christian and I just ran around screaming like little monkeys, so this picture was quite fitting.


Caught in the act. I don’t remember what we were into at the moment but we sure look guilty.


Christians’ Mommy took us on the Merry-go-round. You were supposed to scream as loud as you could on this ride. Least that’s what Christian and I did.


Next was the train. We got to sit in the operator’s chair.


Did I mention Christian is my best friend?


Later we headed over to Grandpa and Grandma Coburn’s house. Christian and I liked to play on Mommy’s bed. We threw all the blankets on the floor, and hid under the covers. Swiper the Fox was trying to get us, but we fooled him. We eventually got banned from the room for a jumping on the bed incident. It wasn’t my idea, I swear.


We took a brief break for a cousins photo. Eddie and Ryan were too cool to lay on the floor with us, but here are the youngins. Christian has his own baby Jonathon.


Next we headed over to see Papa Knox. He is Mommy’s Grandpa. Mama warned me that he may try to pinch my knee real hard but I thought he was a sweety. We tok him to lunch and I had the job of helping Grandpa get into the restaurant.


I’m exhausted. Time for a nap wth Grandma. Or maybe Grandma was the exhausted one.