Happy Halloween

By KimA Day in the Life6 Comments

Boy do I LOVE Halloween. I got to hand candy out to all sorts of gouhls, princesses, and other little monsters. This was almost as fun as the actual trick or treating. Dad just left the door open and I stood watch for more kids. Then Mommy took me trick or treating around our street. As soon as the doors … Read More

Boo At The Zoo

By BrandonA Day in the Life1 Comment

We were good parents and took Sydney and Reagan to the Zoo’s Halloween deal again this year. Its fairly crazy because its a 1 weekend deal so everyone in town is there. This year Sydney is starting to get into what you have to do at Halloween a bit more. Sydney was very excited to see a real panda bear … Read More

Potty Update

By KimA Day in the Life4 Comments

Project Pee-Pee and Poo-Poo on the toilet has been a huge success. Yeah!!!! I am now in big girl underwear all day at home, except for bedtime of course. Not quite ready to tackle that one yet. Mommy has the whole setup for me so that I can even go to the potty all by myself. I got my squishy … Read More

I’m a Great Big Sister

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Reagan has been sitting up on her own for just a short period of time. So I thought it was time for me to let her take a turn sitting in my Dora chair while we watched cartoons together. I can tell she thinks I am a great big sister by the way she smiles as soon as she sees … Read More

I Wanna Be Dora

By KimA Day in the Life1 Comment

I love to play pretend these days. My favorite new game is to pretend to be Dora the Explorer. For this game I must put on my backpack, Dora hat, and have my trusty sidekick boots at my side. Then I have Mommy or Daddy check the map to see what my next grand exploration is. So far they have … Read More