Big Bucket

By BrandonA Day in the Life4 Comments

Today, we went to see CJ and travel to his local pool. They have a terrific kid’s pool in Golden. The whole thing is full of kid’s activities like you would expect at an amusement park.

Time for swimming…


Time to play in the big sandbox. My job is to bury Syd’s feet and keep asking her where they went.


I screwed up — forgot to take a picture of the Big Bucket. On top of this big play structure in the pool, they have this enormous bucket that is always filling with water. This bucket is so big that if you got into it, you would need help climbing out. Anyway, it keeps filling up like some Chinese fountain and the spills over. All the little kids are terrified of it! CJ kept telling us about the Big Bucket the whole way there and then when Syd saw it pour 1 time, she had to keep an eye on it also.