A Day at the Zoo

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Today I took Nana, Papa, and Mimi to the Denver Zoo. Boy was I excited to see all the animals. We came prepared with the monster stroller but Syd spent little time in it until the end of the day.


As always the tigers were a big hit.


I kept an eye out for Swiper the fox. I know he was trying to swipe something from somebody so I had to chase after him and tell him Swiper no swiping. I think he is hiding around here somewhere.


Next, a baby giraffe.


I was convinced this thing was a gator but Mama kept telling me it was a dragon. I found this one really strange. Just had to keep staring at him. Something was not right with the way he looked at me. I got the feeling he was hungry.


Get up! No time to rest we have more animals to see here.


Finally, we got to the pachyderm house with some of my favorite animals. Elephants, Rhinos and Hippos. We saw a huge hippo taking a swim. The trainer had the hippo open his mouth while he took out the pliers and removed twigs from his palet. Little scary looking with those hippo teeth coming at you. I loved watching the elephant walk around and pee and poop. Yuck! Then the elephant came over to the gate, looked right at me, at pointed his snout at me. I didn’t know what to think of that so I hightailed it out of there.


Final stop to watch the bears climb up the tree then it was time to head home.


Don’t think you can get rid of me that fast. I snuck into Nana and Papa’s room as they were trying to go to sleep. They didn’t think they could get rid of me that easily did they? I wiggled and jumped around in their bed a little until they got Daddy to put me to bed. I was asleep within minutes. This was a big day.