Nana’s Birthday

By SydneyVisits2 Comments

Nana’s birthday is this week. All she wanted for her gift was to come out here and visit me and Reagan. What a great gift. And as an awesome gift to Sydney, they brought along Mimi. Boy did I keep them all busy.


Nana first had to get her annual photo in front of Mama’s flower bed. We couldn’t get a photo of everyone looking into the camera at once so here is one showing off the bed.


Next, we went out to eat at the Outback. I noticed this Australian map of its animals right when we walked through the door. Screw eating, I spent the meal showing off my knowledge of being able to name all the animals. Here I suckered Papa away from his meal for my expert animal lesson.


Finally we headed home for playtime in the basement. Nana and Mimi had tons of presents for me to open. I would jump up and down and yell Happy Birthday to me then rip them open. Who knew you had more then one birthday per year.


I scored bigtime with Dora items. I got a Dora hat, barrets, beach bag, and even Dora band-aids. That was a good thing too. I immediately found an ouchie on my knee that needed some first aid.