County Fair

By KimA Day in the Life4 Comments

We all went to the Boulder County Fair this past weekend and were we surprised at what a hit this Fair became with Syd. When we drove up she saw all the lights and rides and screamed “Oh, it’s a party!” First we headed over to the stables to take a look at all the animals there to be judged. There were hundreds of goats. Syd loved them because they all wanted to jump up against her. She had no idea they only wanted to eat her shirt. Papa Coburn would be proud. Syd ran her tongue all up and down the cages, Yummy!


Next we moved over to the cows. This cow was the largest cow I have ever seen. It’s horn span had to be 5 foot at least.


Next, we moved over to the petting zoo. Syd would pet the sheep but was weirded out by the feel of his coat.


The ducks were a huge hit…until one bit her finger. Didn’t hurt but surprised her enough to stay far away from them.


Wow, there is even a kid sized hourse to pet.


Then Sydney met the baby goat. I can’t even explain how much Syd loved this little guy. He was so tiny and so loving with the kids. Syd would give him hugs and kisses right on the snout. Once she laid eyes on this little guy she cared about no one else. It was really cute.


That was definitely a hit. Syd would even feed the goats. She only got nervous when the big ones tried to fight each other for the food. Next, we moved onto the rides. Syd has always been skiddish to try rides so we figured we would not be here long, Boy were we wrong. First, she rode the ponies. Mama and Dad took turns walking with her. She was a little nervous until she realized she could hold the saddle. Then she was all smiles and giggles.


Next, Dad and Syd went into the funhouse. Inside they had a maze of glass walls. You had to feel your way through because you couldn’t tell which pathway was open or glass. Syd got a little ahead of herself and ran full force into one of the glass walls and then fell back on her butt. After that, she walked with her hands forward to feel for the opening. Next, Dad and Syd went down the really big slide.


Then it was Mama’s turn to take Syd through the Jungle contraption with swinging bridges, rope ladders and slides. This didn’t go over too well.


Finally, we hit the toddler rides. She rode the train, boats, cars, and bumble bees. She had to take the carebear Daddy won her on the rides. I think it made her feel a little safer to have a friend. Syd was the only kid who would honk the horn on the cars, constantly. I think she had the best time on the bees. She was laughing hysterically the whole ride. We tried to get photos but the ride moved too fast.


Then we had an ice cream and headed home. I think this day was probably the most fun Syd has ever had in her life. She asks us 50 times a day to go back to the party. It runs through Sunday so I think she will talk us into it again this weekend. This time we are taking the video camera to get the live shots on the rides. She was just having so much fun.